Private Equity Funding

With our in-depth knowledge of research in Private Equity and the relation we hold with highly potential firms and investors, we are the leading global private equity providers/advisors. The services that we hold for value and growth oriented investors towards immense and optimum potential opportunity through our experienced and expertise investment managers. We concentrate on the capital investment portfolios by carefully monitoring, analyzing the performance, management and prospective nature of the business. The investment carefully advised through highly focused and efficient approach that exceeds the expectation of a vast number of clients.

Private Equity Funding

Financial Advisors

Our trusted team of experts, with real-world financial management, investment, and consulting backgrounds, offer advice that can help advance your vision. We carefully study and analyze the financial situations and needs to customize the requirements be it a new investment, restructuring, raising capital, business modeling, partnerships, valuations, asset management/infrastructure, Debt funding, Auditing or any other financial advisory needs. Our financial and analytical expertise with multi-situational capabilities will inspire confidence for the financial executives, directors and business owners and individual investors.

Management Consultancy

Every Organization has particular challenges that need to overcome, such as increased pressure on budgets, facing technological development and meeting the demands of fiscal austerity, etc. However, these problems resolve by taking the right advice and fresh thinking.

Prism Advisory can work with you to assess, justify, design and deliver your intended investment or change, and ensure that you get real value for your money. Our management consulting team will help you from initial concept and business case, through to complex change and ongoing support and delivery by applying contemporary and relevant expertise and deliver the best positive impact. Services to your organization include providing leading edge solutions for business process remodeling, value engineering, change management, performance management, competitive procurement, business process mapping, etc.

Management Consultancy
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Vat Consultancy

VAT got introduced in UAE  and KSA and other GCC countries may follow by the end of the year. While there are a number of challenges that still need to be addressed to implement the same. Businesses will have to adapt to the changes by identifying the impact of VAT on their business, and key immediate considerations are to:

  • Assess capability of existing systems
  • Identify VAT implementation strategy
  • Identify contracts that need a VAT action
  • Identify intercompany transactions
  • Undertake training / awareness

A potential VAT implementation will also have immediate effects on consumer behaviour which gives opportunities for companies to assess their business direction and to plan strategically. Many businesses are under-prepared and I believe many underestimate the amount of work that needs to be done. VAT is a tax that affects all businesses. There are also some strategic decisions that need to be made in accounting, documentation, purchase, sales etc. Dealing with all this, especially the changes to the IT systems, takes time and the clock is ticking. If businesses do not leave time to prepare, they risk not being able to comply with the law from day one and may find themselves facing problems with suppliers, customers and unnecessary costs.

We can advise Clients on matters regarding VAT and its implication on your business.

HR Consultancy

The success of any organization rests in the hand of its people. And every organization is likely to face a few challenges on the way to their possible future.
At Prism Advisory, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality advice, exceptional service and cost effective commercial HR consultancy solutions throughout the UAE.
With a range of innovative services intended for today’s businesses, we offer an array of Solutions that are bespoke to your business. Our HR services will increase your employee engagement levels and restore organization structure to increase the productivity and consequently grow your business. With our services, we ensure that you can stay focused on your core business activities while we help you to manage and nurture the human resources part of your business to enhance the output.
Our attentive, supportive and dedicated HR Professionals who specialize in particular areas will ensure you are always receiving the best-skilled consultant that accurately match your needs for the most challenging circumstances or complex strategies.
So, whatever be the size shape and sector, we are ready to play our part in your success.
HR Consultancy